For Authors

Welcome Authors,

 I am currently accepting e-books for review. This is currently a free service that is subject to change at any time and at my discretion. I am, however, very strict about what kinds of books I am willing to review.

Your book must meet the following criteria to receive a review from me:

  •  Books must be something I am comfortable promoting. 
  • The book must be a free copy. I will not purchase books to review. 
  • Clean reads, Clean romances, Clean New & Young Adult, or Family Friendly books are all acceptable. Contemporary, Historical, Adventure, Westerns, Fantasy, Suspense and high intensity Drama? Yes, please! Got an awesome sword fight? Bring it on...but, please keep the gore and sex PG/PG-13. We all know it happens, but if that is the primary focus of your book, I will not be reading it for review. 
  • If you aren't sure if your book will fall neatly into any of the above, or if your book is in a category not listed, contact me directly and we can chat to discover if I am a good fit for your book. 
  • Covers: People must have their clothes on. All the way on. Think PG, no bodice rippers. 
  • Covers cont.: Must have a professional looking cover. (Not necessarily professionally created, just make sure it looks like it to the best of your ability.) 
  • Each book that I accept for review will receive a review posted on this blog. Additionally, I will post a single review on Amazon or where ever your e-book is being published. I will not post multiple reviews at various sites. Pick your favorite, I'll post one there. 
  •  Please fill out the form below and submit.