Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pumpkins have invaded my coffee!

Have you ever noticed that when fall does pumpkin spice?

Its only been recently that this has caught my notice. I know, I know... I'm behind the times. But, I've never noticed how pumpkin spice has invaded everything. And I do mean everything. I really took note over the weekend, when I was doing our weekly grocery get-away, I mean shopping. (For me its a get-away though.)

(Okay, that sounds sad, but I really do have fun.)

Pumpkin spice has invaded my coffee! It's not the weirdest place pumpkin spice has dared to appear, but it was the only one I was willing to risk.

I've had pumpkin spiced coffee before. Mostly from those fancy places I can't really afford to buy coffee from on a regular basis. So, it's not like I get it as soon as it shows up. But, this time, I did! I succumbed to the pumpkin spice! Help!

So, I went and brewed myself a cup.

There it is! In all it's pumpkin glory! With a couple of biscuits to add to the nutritional value, (ahem).

I took a sip. Aaaand, it wasn't too bad. Am I hooked? Not really. But for something to shake up those taste buds for fall, it'll do.

Now I feel the need to create some real Autumn treats. Can anyone say apple ginger oatmeal cookies?

Maybe Auntie Lou will share one of her recipes with us soon!

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